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Have you ever bought or liked a product because you saw your favorite influencer use it on Instagram or a Tiktok video? Yes, that is the power of user-generated content! Cassandra also deals with such user-generated content. She is the Director of Social Media & Influencer Relationships at Helium10 and explains how joining this position was initially challenging. She describes herself as an orange county girl who has previously worked in LA and Hollywood and had some media-related experience.

Her first experience with social media was when she did a social media internship. When she joined Helium10, she learned top-level tactics and strategies for effective content creation. She is excited about her role, considering that the company always elevates the standards to new heights. She worked with the company leadership while focussing on content creation through influencer marketing.

Selling an Online Product

Through product promotion and influencer marketing, Cassandra made it possible to cross two million subscribers on social media platforms. According to her, there can be a stigma with technology and tech companies that it’s software, so you don’t actually have a tangible product. But thanks to social media, it is changing.

Tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs can interact with the social media pages of tech companies, thus generating value for the brand. It also improves brand recognition and brand awareness by capturing new audiences.

Consistency Is the Key

According to Cassandra, consistency is key. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using as an Amazon seller. What matters is that you should passionately create that platform’s content. For instance, if you really enjoy being on Tiktok and interacting with people, you should start making your content on TikTok.

That is where you can grow your audience, engage with them, and sell them your Amazon products. Every platform has a unique way of advertising its products. Instagram mostly relies on photos, while TikTok’s videos show people using the products.

What if You’re Not Good at Managing Social Media?

A few years ago, MySpace was the only social media platform. Nowadays, there are tons of social media platforms where you can post different types of content for different types of audiences. For instance, LinkedIn can be used to target professionals, while TikTok can be used to target a younger audience.

Not everyone is well-versed in social media use. To solve this issue, you can always hire a virtual assistant to manage your Amazon Business social media pages. There are lots of students who are willing to work as a freelancer. Another benefit is that young students are more aware of recent social media trends and practices. Therefore, they would love to assist you with your business.

You’ll Need Experts!

Once your Amazon Business pages are up and running, you will need the help of graphic designers and photographers besides virtual assistants. There are many freelance websites and social media groups where people are offering their services as freelancers. If you don’t want to avail online services, you can visit the colleges to hire interns for your social media and content creation tasks.

Upcoming Presentation

Cassandra revealed an upcoming presentation that she will be hosting in September. The event will focus on user-generated content to improve customer engagement. There will be an interactive photo room at Sell and Scale Summit where you can do professional headshots. Also, there will be knowledge-building activities like TikTok reel tutorials, product photography, and the use of ring lights. All these skills are extremely important for launching products.

The Role of TikTok

While TikTok is usually known as the app for dancing kids, there’s a lot more that you can do through this app. Interestingly, Cassandra has hired a specialist who makes TikTok videos and reels. Cassandra took advantage of cross-promotion, where they looked out for trending sounds in the geo-tags, found content creators, and created content around the Helium10 brand.

This was done at a time when the reels were really blowing up. This allowed Helium10 to grow followers at an extraordinary rate. More views mean taking your brand to new audiences. Considering this, TikTok can be a game changer in the world of social media advertising.

Leverage Your Social Media Following

When a content creator creates content for one platform, it can be saved and shared on other platforms. Therefore, hiring content creators to have a diverse social media presence is much beneficial. Also, the creators should be knowledgeable about the use of the products. For instance, if a creator downloads a video from TikTok, they need to process the video in editing software to remove the watermark before they upload it to another platform.

You can actually leverage the social media following against the viewership and success of your brand. For instance, if a creator has three million followers, and their audience is our target audience, they can be leveraged for more top-level things, making it more of a return on their ROI.

Social Media Is the Future!

Gone are the days when brands interacted with customers through calls and emails. The main focus of modern brands is building brand recognition through customer engagement, mainly through social media. Almost everyone has a smartphone and an internet connection nowadays. Social media allows you to target your customers in a much more effective way as compared to other traditional advertising methods. What more proof could you need? You can clearly see that Cassandra has built an impressive online persona with Helium10.

Find more about Cassandra Craven and her project:

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