The myth of PPC

The myth of #ppc is a dangerous fallacy that many Amazon sellers believe. They think that organic sales are the only way to succeed and that PPC is too expensive to be worthwhile. But in reality, the Amazon algorithm rewards sellers who invest in PPC advertising.

The more you put into PPC, the more traffic and sales you’ll get, leading to higher rankings in search results and even more organic sales.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a high ACoS means you’re not making a profit. You need to look at the big picture and track your TACoS, which should be available directly on Amazon’s dashboard soon.

And once you’ve achieved success through PPC, don’t make the mistake of turning off your campaigns. Advertising can’t be disabled – it must be optimized continuously by a dedicated specialist or Agency. Such as Mina Elias with Trivium Group LLC or Dr. Travis Zigler

Remember that your main objective on Amazon is to make money for Amazon first and then for yourself. If you can demonstrate that you’re a worthy seller with a high conversion rate, a popular product, and positive reviews, Amazon will reward you with better placement and even more sales. And when you advertise across various categories and formats, such as display and video, you’ll also start winning auctions and earn organic recommendations.

Conversely, the opposite scenario happens more frequently – a product may reach the first page of search results within days but fail to get sales organically. As a result, the product loses its position, and the seller spends a substantial amount of money on ineffective advertising.

In such cases, it’s crucial to shift focus towards optimizing the product listing and validating the product for success. If you haven’t done this yet, feel free to ask for more information in the comments.

You can always adjust your marketing tactics – from packaging to creative – but you can’t fix a poorly chosen product.

We frequently witness people’s impatience when it comes to attaining desired outcomes. But it’s a different discussion.

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