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00:00 Intro
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01:01 This is Amazon Made Simple
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02:20 Shawn history  
04:07 About «Mafia offer»
06:46 Seth and Shawn meeting
08:15 I generated $250.000 from my garage
09:27 Did you have this product physically
11:08 Brand factory
12:12 Bamboo pillow story
14:09 Why customer list it is important
15:45 How many of the 350 products have become successful?
17:09 «Customer Journey»
19:20 «Value Stack»
20:17 Free bonus offer from Dominos’s Pizza
22:36 Best way to duplicate your product
24:56 Essence of correct duplication
26:31 You need just change UPC code
27:22 Diferent listings but its all ours
30:38 What Post Purchase Pro do?
31:45 Your guys «Missing the boat»
32:53 Present like Seth
35:00 How to get started with Pust Purchase Pro?
36:45 How much should I earn to work with you?
38:02 How they can find you?
39:03 Two coolest guys Shawn and Seth
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How sellers can optimize their marketing and customer relationships to expand an already thriving business.

Shawn Hart and Seth Stevens from Post Purchase PRO aimed to get in front of demand that wasn’t yet being fulfilled on Amazon. They started by walking through trade shows to physically spot demand by seeing where the crowd was, then later checked Amazon to see what was happening online and where they could bring in products.

They joined us on Amazon Made Simple to talk about their approaches to selling on Amazon as outlined in their book, Private Label Millionaire Secrets. Learn their main strategies of tapping into demand that already exists and giving customers a “mafia” offer.

“Feed the Stallions and Starve the Ponies.”

During their first year working together in 2014, they launched a total of 90 products. What this dynamic duo managed to do in 2015 was even more impressive. With the goal of launching one product per day, they were able to launch 350 private label products, from which they built 53 successful brands!

Their process started by Shawn selecting a product and buying a sample with rush shipping. As soon as the sample arrives, Seth and his team would take pictures and get the product listing ready, while product orders of around 25-50 pieces were on the way. This was their way of “testing the waters with small sample orders,” Shawn explains. It was an ongoing, so called, assembly-line-esque process where they could feed the stallions and starve the ponies.

From these 350 products, they would focus on and continue to grow those that sold well. They would discontinue investing in the underperforming products – and with little to no loss since only a maximum of 50 units was purchased. By testing a lot of products, they could see which ones got traction and focus on scaling those. They built brands around those highly successful products, eventually selling many of the businesses and brands for millions of dollars.

Use a Gateway Product To Create a Customer Journey.

The main principle in their book discusses giving customers a “mafia offer”: selling at a breakthrough price that they can’t refuse. Dominate the market by creating a product with a low market price and undercut the competition so much that customers feel like they have to buy your product because it’s the best deal. This will be your gateway product to creating a customer journey.

Once you’ve dominated a market with a low price point gateway product, you can use the customer base you’ve developed to sell your products in that niche, since they’ve already identified themselves as being buyers of your products.  If 25% of your buyers signed up for your email list, launch your next product and market it to this customer base to grow the brand and expand on the customer journey.

Duplicate Your Own Product to Compete With…Yourself?

Seth and Shawn also discuss in their book a creative cloning approach: repositioning your existing high-performing inventory to dominate more of the market. Take your same stock and change the images, the text in the listing, and the UPC labels on the product. Essentially sell the same product marketed in a different way under a different SKU. This allows you to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors because your products will dominate more space on the first page of search results.

How do you launch a duplicated product without competing with yourself? You gear your packaging to a specific subsegment of your customer base. Shawn refers to the Tylenol example from their book. When Tylenol adds “neck pain” to their product packaging, it speaks to a specific customer base need and addresses it. It eliminates the need for that subset of customers to keep thinking about their decision.

But at the end of the day, they are essentially selling the same product in different packaging. It’s still 500mg of acetaminophen. They’ve just gained more shelf space in CVS by marketing it as a different product. Similarly, Amazon sellers can gain more first page space by repositioning their inventory and duplicating listings to speak to specific needs.


What’s Different About Post Purchase PRO?

Shawn and Seth’s team focuses on creating and nurturing the relationship with your customers while providing more value for end users so that they want to do more business with you. They aren’t here to save your sinking Amazon business. They are a done-for-you service here to help your thriving business thrive even more. Their typical client averages $250,000 per month in revenue with 3 SKUs, and their minimum required monthly sales to sign up with their program is $20,000.

Post Purchase PRO can build assets for you as an Amazon seller that most people don’t have the time or knowledge to do. They optimize your marketing so effectively, it’s like turning on your sponsored ads but not actually having to pay the bill! From building customer lists to engaging them with marketing, Shawn and Seth will help you generate more traffic and sales. Keep in mind, it can take around 4-5 weeks to get clients up to speed, depending on whether your email lists are readily available.

While Post Purchase PRO is not actively accepting new clients at this time, Ritz Momentum’s existing clients have the exclusive opportunity to connect with and potentially work with them. Visit to request a 30-minute meeting with their team and see if they can add value to your Amazon business.

Check out their Post Purchase PRO Podcast on your favorite podcast platform to hear weekly episodes about more of their unique marketing strategies. If you prefer getting your knowledge from books, you can also buy their book on Amazon.

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