PCC Expert Tips For Beginners 2022 – Podcast with Mina Elias

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00:00 ► Start Video
01:02 ► Why did you decide to do PPC?
03:16 ► How Mina Elias bild his own strategy
07:05 ► Experiment with your strategy if you want to succeed
09:40 ► Mina Elias where would you start?
15:30 ► What do you do when you start a auto-company?
17:30 ► Fine on Amazon, pro tips!
19:44 ► What is your proportion between product ads and keywords?

Most Amazon Sellers consider PPC a hard niche and an unpleasant part of the selling process. The guest for this podcast, Mina Elias, runs an agency called Trivium, which specializes in PPC campaigns. His story started in 2018  when he started selling his nutritional supplement on Amazon Business.

Like all the new sellers, he first explored YouTube and asked questions from the people in his social circle. Unfortunately, no one had satisfactory answers. He had to approach his friends and family, ask them to buy his product, and leave a positive review.

The Observation

When he started using the auto campaigner and increasing the bid, he observed a strange pattern. When he spent 100 hundred dollars, he made 100 dollars in sales. When he spent 120 dollars, he made 120 dollars in sales. So, there was a positive correlation. The more he spent on PPC, the higher his sales went. Similarly, the sales also went down when his PPC spending dropped. He spent almost 16 hours asking people questions at a conference in New York about how the PPC actually worked.

Worst mistake ever!

According to Mina, the worst mistake he made was deciding to use the software. As soon as he started using it, everything went bad. The spending went up, and the sales went down. After no support from anyone, he decided to shut off the software. An interesting thing happened when he joined an Amazon event in New York and met a person from their PPC Department.

When he mentioned his Auto Campaign issue in front of her, she responded, “I don’t know what to tell you, like you probably know more than me about the advertising.” That’s when he was let down by the software, which he thought would change his life.

The Scientific Experiment

Interestingly, Mina is an engineer and a chemist, so he decided to conduct a controlled experiment. He decided to keep a log and was going to change different variables in order to figure out what exactly drives the PPC campaign.

According to Mina, “my goal is just to discover what’s working and what’s not working, so we have the four Auto campaigns; those are beautiful because they use all of the data that we have on Amazon and on the listing to discover a bunch of different keywords.” The auto campaign works by borrowing the top 10 keywords and then keywords from the competitors. It then sorts them from high to low.

Where to Start?

You need to look for the proportion between advertising and keyword targeting when they’re targeting the product. Whether it is a brand campaign, display campaign, or regular keyword campaign, one should always be heavier on the keywords. With the correct use of keywords, it is always a lot easier to win.

Once the product has around 2 or 3 thousand reviews, that’s when you should start focussing on product targeting. Since you will already be a developed brand by now, it will be much easier for you to attract an audience, make them click your listing, scroll down and buy your products.

Spending on PPC campaigns?

PPC campaigns are like a newspaper or a billboard advertisement for your business. There is no way that you are going to improve your organic rank if you don’t invest enough in PPC campaigns. If your current PPC campaigns are not working or you are out of stock, you may try to increase the bids. Apart from that, if your payment method fails, you really have to overcompensate and spend more money to force your sales.

While you might be making a lot of profits at this point, you can satisfy Amazon Business that you are making sales. Once things are all set, you can start working on optimization. Another idea is to relaunch a new campaign for your brand with the same keywords and same structures. Only then your budget and bids should be bigger.

Generate more sales!

Since Amazon PPC is just an algorithm, our professional job should be to hack it. And that is what Mina has constantly been doing. Keep trying new things, increase the type of search placement, and lower the top. All these things will cause the algorithm to react to you, considering that Amazon’s algorithm always reacts positively to anyone who is generating sales. Because Amazon’s main concern is generating more revenue through the FBA fees. Therefore, your main priority should be to increase your sales regardless of the price that you’re offering.

How to Connect to Mina?

Considering all his efforts, experience, and research that went into making his company, his services are not cheap. However, if you want Mina to help you with your PPC, you may join his Trivium agency. Feel free to visit the website at https://triviumco.com/

You can get a free audit through the website so they can look into your campaigns and guide you better.

Happy Amazoning!


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