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00:00 Intro
00:18 Welcome to AMS Podcast
02:00 The First to say your name correctly
02:37 Your background
03:39 Your first journey
06:21 How much time do you spend on 3D Walls by Design?
08:38 Exit from Amazon
09:56 How did you decide to dive into Amazon?
14:00 What software did you use?
20:07 Where does such confidence in luxury products come from?
23:00 FBA or FBM?
26:14 Are you selling right now?
29:50 Borrowing money from family
33:00 Are you spying on the products you sold?
35:30 How did you decide to help people?
36:30 Joining AMZ insiders
42:26 Delegation or independent control?
45:15 What is the purpose of your podcast?
47:10 Why should people contact you?
50:15 Outro

Joie Roberts is an incredible super-woman who is the best at her job and unconditionally dedicated to her kids. Just like Izabella Ritz, Joie Roberts also has Russian roots. Her family came over to the U.S. even before she was born. Although she looks and talks just like an average American, the Russian culture exists deep down in her blood. According to her, this is also part of what has driven her to success.

Surprisingly, she has worked for more than 16 years in the corporate world. As soon as she finished college, she got an internship at CNN. After that, she switched over to working for NBC News. Her 20s were mostly spent in the newsrooms. After working there for six years, she moved to digital marketing and got to work with some really big companies, including Getty Images.

The Birth of the Entrepreneur

Just like every natural-born entrepreneur, there came a time when she got tired of working for other people. As per Joie, she loved her co-workers and her workplace. But the superwoman inside her wanted financial freedom. She describes herself as a very stubborn person. Once she makes an opinion, it’s very hard for her to change it.

Therefore, in 2014, she decided to start a wallpaper business. The company was named 3D Walls by Design. Joie explains that it had always been her very deep passion to do interior design for commercial buildings.

Even though she didn’t spend much time on her business, she created a good system. She has the right team in place who are paid really well. She takes great care of them and gets loyalty and trust in return. However, she realized that her business was not very scalable. She had a steady business coming in but it wasn’t growing.

Even then, Joie just had to give her five percent to the business. This allowed her to focus on her family life and her physical health. In just 12 months, her sales revenue hit 1 million dollars on Amazon. According to her, the profit margins of her business had always been very high. This allowed her to have excellent cash flows at all times.

The Hard Path of Product Hunting

Not all of her businesses were successful. In 2017, one of her passion products flopped. She created a strap that connects your wrist to the stroller. She didn’t do any research and just went on Alibaba, bought this strap for a dollar, put her logo on it, and got it up on Amazon. She even distributed the product among her neighbors to create a buzz. But things didn’t go as planned. That’s when she focussed more on product hunting.

She came across barn doors and high-end outdoor sporting goods products. She had several meetings with different suppliers where she presented her ideas. But then came the COVID pandemic. This was another chance for Joie to carry out her product hunt and explore her options to grow her Amazon business.

Selling Luxury

In this journey, Joie learned an important lesson. No matter the economy’s condition, the people who have money to spend on luxury products will still buy them for their enjoyment. Her first confidence in selling luxury items came from her first marketing job when she was at Callaway Golf.

Callaway Golf is one of the world’s biggest golf companies, and she saw people spending tons of money on luxury products for their own personal enjoyment and to show off. Combining this lesson with her experience with artwork and design knowledge at Getty Images, she was influenced by how big companies sell direct-to-consumer luxury products.

The Big Lesson

She was buying bulk containers from China and bringing the container to her warehouse. She had four or five guys she found on Craigslist who helped her modify the products according to her brand. As per her, shipping your products to Amazon FBA sounds beautiful, except when you’re running out of stock. She ran out of stock at one point and oversold 50 to 80 orders.

She had nothing coming in from China because the next shipment was to come in 45 days. That’s when she contacted all her friends and asked for their help. She had to ask them for the materials to assemble 80 units she needed to deliver in 5 days. Since the new products were not the same, she had to retake all the pictures and change the images in hopes that people would go back and check the listing. She focussed on providing the best customer service and offered compensation to the customers. She promised to replace the products for customers who were not happy. This was one of the wildest rides of her life.

Another Brand built from Experience

Another amazing thing that she did was write a book on infertility IVF. This was one of her personal dreams that was realized. Once the book started selling on Amazon, she built a brand around that book that sells Women’s Health fertility products. She currently has 12 SKUs that she’s selling currently and wants to add two more products this year.

According to Joie, luck has little role in your success as an Amazon Seller. It’s actually your efforts, knowledge, research, and proven strategies that make you succeed. You might also require a lot of moral and financial support from your friends and family.

Joie Roberts’ Secret of Success

Joie strongly believes that you can achieve any type of goal under pressure if your own personality wants it. After selling her business, she returned to her mentor Jamie Davidson who was running AMZ insiders. This was her chance to give back to the community. She taught all her tips and tricks to her students.

AMZ insiders have been around for six years and have established its long-term coaching programs. They limit how many people they accept so that our time is not totally taken up and allocated appropriately. They are bringing on even more coaches. One of Joie’s goals in life is to inspire women to join the business world. Joie suggests that if your sales aren’t where they’re supposed to be, you should definitely get aligned with a mentor and a coach.

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