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If you want to sell any product, you have to pick the right niche. Mass product demand in the marketplace is found on the internet. And the online marketplace in America is driven by

If you want to sell to Americans, you need to think about their culture. What do and don’t they like? What are the interests that they really love – and spend money on? Is it fishing in Montana or camping in Alaska?

These are where the product niches live – in these cultures, in these communities. The particular hobbies that Americans love, the specific pastimes that they enjoy, these are full of products that can be sold.

And when you get to sell the right product in the right product niche, scaling your business becomes a possibility and making good money your hard-earned destiny.

Analyzing the right product niche is what provides you with the right information to see what products are in demand. This is where our friends at Helium10 come to the party!

Think of it as the basic business idea of supply and demand. Except that what you are doing here is analyzing the demand so that you can create the perfect supply.

You don’t just supply something and hope for the demand. It works best the other way round. What is the demand? Answer that. Now, how can I supply that product better, cheaper, more originally than the competition on Amazon? And when you get that right, that’s when you make big money.

ARM Agency is proud to be affiliated with Helium10 , the leading Amazon seller tool in the world. Watch this space and I will tell you more in future articles about their keyword research, product research, listing optimization, and so much more. All of this will convince you that you need us at ARM Agency as your selling partner online.

But back to the product niche… let’s take a mug for example. A mug for camping will be different to other mugs that are selling online. It might have a vacuum-sealed lid, be able to lock in temperature, it will be durable, it might have solar batteries…there are so many different things to consider.

So, based on the product niche, you start discovering products. When you’re exploring what makes a product sell well (again, this is where we can help you), you learn that a particular product’s sales are skyrocketing. And why is this? You can start with the keywords that have been carefully selected.

If a product has the right keywords it will appear in the right product niche. And this is where you will also see other products that are related. Maybe it’s a camping belt, or a torch. This ‘cross pollination’ because of keywords and the right listing is what gets your product referenced across different categories and recognized on the internet. The right analysis is what you first need to see if you have a product with the right demand.

The next step is to analyze a product’s yearly Google trend. Perhaps you’ve analyzed the sales for a product that is in a Christmas product niche – this won’t give you the sales that you are looking for over a whole year. The sales will be inflated, naturally. You can’t sell Christmas trees in February – as I like to tell people in my class.

A good example is how people like to buy sun chairs so that they can watch the 4th of July fireworks. Getting this sales window right is where it helps to have ARM Agency as your trusted partner.

So before you choose your product, you have to decide on the right niche for you. Then you have to select the right keyword to analyze. You then have to be able to customize your product.

How to Customize your Product is something that I will talk about in my next article… I look forward to sharing more insider tips with you then.


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