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00:30► Intro
00:52 ► Hi Norman
02:20 ► What tools do you use?
04:53 ► Keyword difference
11:22 ► Different levels of product value
16:53 ► Another launch trick
18:50 ► Use 3D rendering
22:47 ► What should be product photos
26:33 ► Google indexing
30:00 ► Artificial intelligence
32:29 ► Press releases are important
38:48 ► Where to send traffic?
41:39 ► Google Business
45:34 ► Our team will help you
47:05 ► Press release frequency
49:49 ► Summing up
53:37 ► Outro

As an Amazon FBA coach, Norm is quite literally a certified “elder” with a lot of industry experience, strategies, and tips from which we can all learn. The main focus of this podcast episode is how you can use a not-so-modern technique of press releases to boost your sales like never before.

Norm states that the first key to launching your Amazon business is a competitive analysis on and off Amazon, followed by keyword research using multiple tools. Helium 10 and Brandon Young’s Data Dive are tools he mentioned, along with Keyboard IO, to view Google results.

One thing that other Amazon experts do not mention is to look through Facebook Groups and indulge. Norm learned this from Steven Black: “Listen to the tone and listen to how and what their lingo is because what won’t show up in your keyword research is what another person’s name is, let’s say, for bully stick (Pizzle).” This will help you discover small enough keywords or long-tail keywords that can help you with more sales.

A 90’s SEO trick that still works great!

Norm explained the difference between browsing keywords and buying keywords and how you can use that to utilize your sales budget better. Using ‘Keyword Silo,’ you can find your primary tail keyword to rank and drive up your sales. Index these long-tail keywords and weave them into your product listing for a higher ranking. As per Norm, “Silos for me is everything. That’s how I’ve done it for years. And I’ve had success since I came on Amazon with that.”

Keyword Research Tips That No One Tells You

According to Norm, keyword plug-and-play is a waste of time. If you are looking for something, be specific. To that, Izabella added that while the search agents may be somewhat similar, keyword research for Google, Amazon, or any other big company is not the same due to different buyer behavior and seller behavior.

Stir the Negative Into the Positive

Agreeing with the statement, Norm enumerated that when looking for keywords in social groups, use Helium10 to look at reviews. This will give you an insight into their minds which you can use to your advantage by adding it to your listing and finding more keywords. Spinning the review will give you a great edge over your competition.

More Traffic Equals More Sales? – Here is Where You Are Wrong

Giving the example of the Dead Sea Mask, Norm described how a usual 8-16 oz jar costs up to $24 points, whereas the ‘killer’ 3.5 oz jar marks up to a $90 price point. What’s the difference? Those who value the product at a low point do not make much money due to a lack of market perception. Instead, they focus on trading dollars, which Norm described as ‘product cannibalization.’ Better images and listing may translate to more traffic, but you need to remember that you need more profit, not traffic.

The 3 P’s – Packaging, Perception, and Pictures

Further explaining the concept of ‘perception,’ Norm gave an example of his own product. He took a clamshell knife that costs around $16. He presented it in nicer packaging, which upped its price to a $124 price point. Expanding further, he changed the model and adorned it in wood packaging, allowing him to sell the same $16 knife for $224. This is how you can use the 3 P’s to make a huge price difference.

This Listing Tip Will Have You Selling Like Crazy

Going more into how you can add more value and make more money on your product, Norm shared another business trick. You need to focus on product quality when going for a higher price. Otherwise, you will disservice yourself with one-star reviews. In the same way, do not disservice your high-quality product with a poor listing. Norm explained how giving a $20 digital coupon on an $80 middle tier product will help increase audience reach and trick people into thinking they are getting a much higher value.

Your Visuals Make All The Difference

3D rendering is an affordable yet great way to create flawless professional images. However, this technology works best for images that wouldn’t require a lot of touch-ups and that you can present ‘as is.’ The years spent in the marketing industry taught Norm, “The product that you are presenting and promoting is supposed to be better and look better than it’s in reality.”

Going into the Do’s and Don’ts, Norm expressed that you should not have to read a photograph, as it should speak for itself. It is important to ‘clean up’ the image to focus on what you sell.

How to See if Google Indexed Your Content?

A search operator such as ‘Title’ will let you know if Google is picking up on your content. If not, Norm shared that he used Pingdom to ensure it is indexed. However, since Google goes through many changes, focus on content relevancy, structure, and not just keywords.

AI Seems Like A Dream Come True, Right? Wrong.

Speaking on AI, Norm advises not to save up on your budget by using AI to do your writing. It is not the same. In Norm’s words, “It’s not perfected.” Phrasee is a nice AI marketing tool that will give you customer insight. Popular softwares like DALL-E and Jasper are great to play with, but you always need people to do the job right.

Keep it Old School – Using Press Releases to Boost SEO.

Sharing his experience, Norm said that old-school techniques such as emails and press releases are great for spreading the word. Appearing on Fox or NBC will make you more credible, which equals more authority.

Norm added, “Let’s say that you have Amazon sales and that you’re in Fort Lauderdale… All you have to do in your title is put in Fort Lauderdale, and the keywords that you have in your title will rank almost instantly.”

Get a distributor to get you a press release (in the location you want) that goes to major networks, bloggers, influencers, trade magazines, and periodicals. Another great way to go about this is to cultivate a great article pre or during the launch and write a press release. Link the two together, and it reaches a massive audience while linking them to your Amazon store, giving you a higher sale velocity.

Getting Ranked Has Never Seemed Easier!

Google Business Profile is a great sales tool that few people know. Using images and anchor links, you can easily rank your brand and get ‘clickless ranking’ to rank you for keywords you have not even used.

Norm Can Help You prREACH Great Heights

Norm is the owner of prREACH – a content marketing company with multiple distributors that can help you with all types of press releases. He will help you write a better format and guide you on which type of press release best suits you. He will also help you reach a network of influencers for better user-generated content.

“Press releases are my lifeblood!”

How To Reach Norm Farrar

Norm is an Amazon legend and e-commerce expert with around 20 years of experience who can help your brand reach its full potential. If you want to hear more about Norm’s strategies, head to Linkedin, LunchWithNorm, Podcast Chanel, or Company Website.

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