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00:00 In this episode
00:50 Intro
01:03 Hi Carlos
03:40 Launch Fish Dock
06:23 I launch the product in a completely different way
09:31 Pay now so you don’t have to pay later
11:21 My steps to launch a product
14:52 Add content to your product
17:10 My forte is strategy
18:25 What specialists will you need using your approach
22:40 What content should be published for your product
24:46 Trust is important
27:36 Content value
32:00 How many products will you launch first?
33:04 China is good but I go my own way
37:33 Do you reanalyze the product?
39:00 Summarize
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The Wizard

Carlos Alvarez is a successful 9-figure Amazon seller, the founder of Wizards of Ecom, the largest Amazon Seller Meetup group in the world, and a frequent keynote speaker at events, conferences, and is the Host of the Wizards of Ecom podcast.

During this episode of Amazon Made Simple, Carlos shares his strategy for the new brand he is launching in the next 4-8 months, and just like Ritz Momentum, he is doing all of it PUBLICLY so that everyone can learn from his journey.


Carlos Has a Super Power…

After exiting 3 brands earlier this year, Carlos is taking on the challenge of launching a new brand, FishDoc, in a SUPER competitive niche. And just like our project here at Ritz Momentum, he is sharing the entire development process with his audience.

We know what you’re thinking: how is Carlos going to succeed with PPC being so expensive in competitive niches? By using his super power. Carlos is an EXPERT at developing email lists and news letters. By creating a community around his brand, he is not a slave to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns because he can direct traffic to his listing through his email lists. BOOM.


His Strategy Breakdown

Although outlined numerically, all these steps work together because discoveries in one can lead to refinements in the others.

Step #1 – Purchase a super memorable domain name and begin a content site

While premium domain names can run you a pretty penny, they give you an unfair advantage. Not only do they stick in your customers’ heads easier, but because they already come indexed on search engines, you actually end up spending less time and money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You get eyeballs on your brand faster and cheaper over the long-term. A premium domain is worth the investment.

PRO TIP – A similar pitfall among new sellers is not spending the money on making quality Amazon listings. Sure, you may be able to save yourself $500 on the front end by doing something simple yourself, but you end up paying way more in PPC and sales conversions. Optimizing is hard a lot of times because you have to fix the problems, when it is much easier to prevent them.

Step #2 – Create a brand that lends itself well to an INFORMATIONAL PRODUCT

At these levels of brand development, you cannot think product without also thinking content. They go hand-in-hand. Ask yourself: are there courses, e-books, etc. that I can give away in exchange for an email? Once you have that email, you can then provide even more value over time (more on this later).

Step #3 – Do a deep dive on your keyword research

If people can’t find you on the internet, how can they buy from you? You have to dive deep into your keyword research to determine what specific words and phrases you want both your website and your content to target. Google’s search algorithm has to see you in a specific way regarding your competitors, and you can incorporate this research straight into your branding guidelines.

PRO TIP – With a typical product launch timeline of 4-8 moths, Carlos highly encourages that sellers double check their keyword research before they order their inventory. The strategy for his new brand involves a brick-and-mortar store, building courses, using Groupon, and many other things. So while his keyword research may actually get more competitive with time, his strategy can take it. If your only weapon is PPC, then making sure your product launch and keyword trends align is crucial.


Carlos, how do you build the business infrastructure around your brand strategy?

The only way to big returns on your time and money is to play to your strengths, and hire others to mitigate your weaknesses (there are many strength assessment tools online). To launch this particular strategy, you need three main specialist:

  1. Google SEO – if you already have someone who is intermediate/advanced at Amazon ads, they can pick up this skill relatively easy. When you stack this on top of getting a premium domain name, you really start cooking with fire.
  2. Web Developer – building WordPress sites is both an art and a science…and it is surprisingly time consuming. Unless building sites isyour strength, really consider a specialist.
  3. Blog Writer – this is the FOUNDATIONAL individual. Every single piece of digital real estate you develop should be designed for maximum sharing, otherwise you are just wasting your time.

             а) WARNING: this is NOT the same skillset as your SEO. Not all writing is created equal

“You need one to help you rank, and the other is helping people love you” – Izabella Ritz, CEO of Ritz Momentum


Content is KING

At the risk of sounding too obvious, the number 1 focus for your content is trust building. The majority of your content should not “sell” in the traditional sense.

  • Never sell on your content site
    • While it’s safe to include the occasional product link, or a list of high-value products that has one of yours mixed in, the content site is for exactly that: content. If you rush to monetize the site, you will destroy trust in your brand.
    • Reputation is everything. Guard it with your life.
  • If you follow his approach, Carlos sells where his super power lies: in his emails.
  • Content Inspiration
    • Carlos follows the revolutionary approach outlined in the book “They Ask, You Answer”. Explore sights like Reddit, Quora, Amazon FAQs, and on product reviews. Take what people ask and create content that answers those specific questions.
    • Provide value upfront by giving a solution to a problem your avatar has. If you fix someone’s problems, they will trust you enough to buy from you.


Happy Amazoning! We’ll see you out there!

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