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You might be surprised how much money you can claim from Amazon Business in the form of reimbursements. Surprisingly, very few sellers know how to claim it. While doing business with Amazon, many sellers ignore the reimbursement task, thus losing the opportunity to claim back their well-deserved money.

As per Yoni, many issues might happen when your products are shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers, including loss, damage, or destruction. At times, your products are shipped between multiple warehouses. This further increases the chances of your products disappearing.

What Happens After They Disappear

For instance, only 990 units are received instead of 1000 units. Amazon Business has no auto mechanism where you’ll be paid for this discrepancy. There’s also a chance that Amazon will overcharge you with fees.

The fulfillment fees and packaging fees are based on weighted dimensions. If Amazon has incorrect data, they may charge you the wrong amount. To claim this reimbursement, you’ll have to present appropriate information to Amazon.

Getida Will Take Care of Your Reimbursements

Yoni discusses how there are more than 30 logistical friction points that may cause issues with your inventory. Therefore, the information presented to Amazon should be accurate. Only then will you be eligible for the reimbursement. This is where Getida can help you! The program is free to join for Amazon sellers, and no subscription is involved.

It is a purely performance-based service that charges you only when your reimbursement case is successful. Getida gets 25% of the recovery amount. For instance, if you get 100 dollars (which you never had), the company will get 25 dollars. In case 30 days have passed, and the service cannot get any money, you pay nothing!

Get Money You Were Never Expecting

The main idea behind Getida is to go back 18 months and deeply analyze all the data. This increases your chances of getting a reimbursement by multiple folds. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can dig out through this service.

A Team You Can Rely on

Getida has 125 team members in 6 countries. The department that manages the claims and cases directly with Amazon Business mainly involves ex-Amazon employees who actually worked in the reimbursement department.

It is a team that knows what they are doing while staying compliant throughout the whole process. It is an authorized solution provider of Amazon. This means that you can trust them with your data and rest assured that no Amazon policy will be violated.

Ensure Maximum Recovery Through Automation

The Getida application can connect to your Amazon seller account seamlessly. There is also softwares and tools that the team uses internally to ensure maximum recovery in the smoothest way possible.

Technology mainly helps in the identification of issues. The experts then further review the cases and decide on the necessary action. These experts are very efficient and impactful in handling reimbursement processes. Using the power of technology, the team members make sure to keep all the relevant parties involved until the issue is resolved.

A Skillset That Creates Maximum Impact

It took Getida around seven years to reach its current capabilities. The company’s diverse and experienced resources allow it to manage Amazon sellers on a large scale while ensuring quality and high-impact service. All thanks to the power of technology combined with advanced human skill sets.

Don’t Miss The Recovery Deadlines

Yoni emphasizes taking care of the reimbursement recovery deadlines as an Amazon seller. For instance, you can only claim back the overcharged amounts in the past 90 days. You’ll lose any unclaimed overcharged amounts incurred before that.

To reconcile the FBA shipments, you have nine months. And for everything else, you have 18 months. This means you have 3 deadlines to take care of: 90 days, 9 months, and 18 months.

If you’re a new Amazon seller, a wise approach would be to sign up with Getida immediately so that you don’t lose any money and miss out on what’s yours because the deadline has passed. The solution can help you claim your reimbursement efficiently and promptly.

Never Get Overcharged With Pick and Pack Module

Once you use the platform, you can provide the dimensions of the products you sell on Amazon Business. The company will consider it true and process your case for overcharging. This may be provided by you in the form of an Excel file which the company will forward to the concerned authorities. The team of experts will also keep an eye on the listings already on Amazon.

In case there is a change in the weight or dimensions of the products in the future, you’ll instantly be eligible for reimbursement. If you think that Amazon is overcharging you the storage fees, the team can also look into that.

Getida Is at the Top of Their Game!

While Yoni doesn’t take credit for starting with the idea of Amazon reimbursement service, he sure does claim to have the best team and technology. Getida has a record of recovering even $25,000 to $30,000 for a customer. Thanks to the company’s technological skills combined with extensive industry experience.

Yoni mentions how he has a friendly relationship with almost all his competitors. They even help each other in their time of need. This promotes a culture of encouragement and support among the Amazon sellers’ community.

The company realized that the discrepancy rate of even 1-3% percent might be too much in the case of FBA sales amounting to millions of dollars. Considering their simple value proposition, the business grew organically in the starting years. This allowed them to generate great profits and ultimately create a business niche called Amazon FBA Auditing and Reimbursements.

Find more about Yoni Mazor and his Company

Considering that Getida is free to join and there are no subscription fees, the company’s focus is to help Amazon sellers grow and get rewarded. Check out Getida’s official website here:

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