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00:00 Intro
00:21 Welcome to AMS Podcast
01:00 Joshua, what do you actually do
02:23 Manufacturing flavors
03:09 Are you a chemist?
03:40 What is your personal background?
04:34 Did you have any investors?
05:37 How did you find your first client?
07:00 How it works
07:49 What type of clients do you work with?
11:00 How many units must I need before working with you?
13:44 For what types of products can we use your flayvors?
14:19 About certificates
14:57 Soap, body wash, сleaning supplies, what else?
16:40 What information do you need from us
18:38 Organic products
21:53 3 products recommended by Joshua
27:00 How to contact Josh
28:03 Outro

Joshua’s journey is quite diverse! He went from working in the Israeli Army to helping others create flavored and scented products! Learning what he had to say, you should experiment with new flavors and scents for your products to expand your Amazon business.

Joshua’s Journey Into The Business World

He grew up in Los Angeles (LA) and then moved to Israel, where he was a part of the army and worked different jobs. His journey into the business world started when he moved back to the United States (US).

He started out in the pharmaceutical industry and worked in his father’s company. After that, he went on to start his own flavor manufacturing company, Dolce Foglia. Joshua didn’t have any initial investors when he started, and he used his and his father’s money. They leased a 4000-square-foot facility to get things going.

In this episode, Joshua and Izabella talk about how to build delicious products that the customers love. In addition, they discuss how you can use flavors to develop innovative products for your Amazon business.

What Does Joshua Do?

Joshua and others at Dolce Foglia are formulation specialists who provide flavors for gummies, beverages, cosmetics, candles, and more. They also help formulate beverages that include energy drinks, energy shots, and sugar syrup. He helps others with an entrepreneurial mindset enter the industry. Dolce Foglia specializes in flavor manufacturing and sells on Amazon!

Using Networking To Find Your First Client!

Joshua got his first client by attending a trade show called MJ Biz Con. He didn’t really know about the business at the time but used networking to his advantage. In his own words, “I went up to all these manufacturers and said, hey man, what are your problems? What are your issues? How can I solve them?”

From these conversations, he discovered that most manufacturers were having trouble with lead times and custom flavors. He would then visit their facilities to see what flavors they are using and would stock them ahead of time.

Learning from this, it can be said you need to focus on networking to identify your customer’s pain points and incorporate them into your business practices!

How Can Joshua Help You?

He mentioned that people who want to get started in the business go directly to private labels to figure out how to make their products commercially ready. If you’re using such an approach, it can cost a considerable amount of money just to get started.

To avoid this, you can visit Dolce Foglia’s website and find many great blogs and videos on making commercial-grade beverages and gummies. The ingredients you’ll need are readily available and allow you to test your product on a small scale.

Joshua emphasized that he can help you come up with a taste profile for your products. Dolce Foglia is aiming to provide smaller packaging allowing you to try multiple flavors at an affordable price. You can then take the formula to bulk manufacturers and launch your product on a commercial scale.

How Can You Use These Flavors?

Joshua mentioned that his flavors aren’t just limited to gummies and beverages. They can be used for all sorts of flavored or scented products like soaps, body wash, and even cleaning supplies.

Citing a real-life example, he said, “Someone used it for toothpaste. It was a banana-flavored toothpaste.” He mentioned that people have used their flavorings for frostings, cakes, batters, and more!

Do You Need Any Certificates From Joshua For Amazon?

If you’re planning on using flavors for your products, you’ll need a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate. The certificate serves as a testament to:

  • A clean environment.
  • Safe and healthy manufacturing practices.
  • Accurate batch logs for ingredients’ shelf life.

What Information Will Joshua Need From You?

You’ll need to do a little research to provide details about what you want your product to taste like. During the podcast, Joshua mentioned that one of the things he asks clients is a product they have enjoyed.

Sharing this information with him helps him get an accurate idea of the textures and taste of the flavors of your products. In addition, you’ll also need to tell him if you want organic or artificial flavor, as both require different sourcing.

Speaking about flavor choices, he did say that “People say that they want organic and they want all-natural, and then they taste natural and organic, and they realize that it doesn’t have much of a taste at all.”

Flavored Product Joshua Recommends For Your Amazon Business!

When talking about product recommendations, he mentions there’s an opportunity for all sorts of products. Based on his experience, he shared a couple of products that you should try.

Gummies and Beverages

Products like gummies and beverages are the simple go-to option because of the flavoring possibilities. You can use flavors from Dolce Foglia to create these products to expand your Amazon business.

Nutraceuticals Products

Nutraceuticals are basically food ingredients that provide medical and health benefits. Speaking about the possibility of such a product, Joshua said, “You really need to have a healthy diet in this world.” He said you could create innovative products by using nutraceuticals in cakes or syrups and then sell them on Amazon.

Ice Cream and Seasoning?

He mentioned that you should avoid products like ice cream if you plan on using Amazon as the main platform for sales. Izabella then mentioned that you could apply for Amazon Fresh if you’re selling things like ice cream.

However, the storage location for such products must be very close to your customer base. If you’ve just learned how to sell on Amazon, such requirements can limit your initial ability to expand your Amazon business. He also mentioned that you should not go after seasoning products because the market is oversaturated.

Want To Sell Flavored or Scented Products On Amazon?

If you are interested in selling flavored or scented products on Amazon, you reach out to Joshua, talk about your product ideas, and get flavor samples.

All the information you need can be found at Dolce Foglia and Flavor Frenzy, his new platform that will launch soon. You can also email Joshua to discuss your product ideas.

Test out new flavors and launch innovative products!

Happy Amazoning!

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