How Helium10 Adtomic Can Change The Way You Manage PPC – Podcast With Vince Montero


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00:50 ► Intro
01:11 ► Hi Vince
03:03 ► How we will improve our sales with Adtomic
05:29 ► PPC launch
08:00 ► We can analyze last year
09:55 ► Working with campaigns
11:23 ► How to find the right keywords?
13:07 ► When can Cerebro be used?
14:35 ► More about keywords
17:51 ► I suggest running an auto campaign first
19:50 ► You get from adtomic
21:46 ► PPC budget
24:53 ► Let’s summarize
26:24 ► Outro

Adtomic is an AI-powered cutting-edge advertising solution for Amazon sellers that helps strategize and optimize campaigns. It has been regarded as “insanely effective” by the Amazon Sellers community. Vince Montero is the senior management behind the mindblowing Adtomic software. Many people think that the Helium10 platform can only be used to rank the products well. In fact, the Adtomic feature offered by Helium 10 is helping Amazon Sellers to do the crazy stuff. It is beneficial if you’re selling a brand-new product. The new brands usually have poor visibility because of low exposure.

That’s why PPC can help generate your organic ranking by ensuring that your product is seen. At times, Amazon sellers want to rank organically for specific keywords. With PPC, you can also target your product advertisement to your desired audience resulting in good conversions for that keyword. It also helps you with your organic rankings for those same keywords. It should be an essential part of your marketing budget.

A Complete PPC Solution for Amazon Sellers

PPC is really just advertising to get people to your store, which is your product listing. Or if you have an actual store on Amazon, obviously, then it helps direct there as well. Even if the people come with existing PPC campaigns, Adtomic has the ability to create rules around those existing campaigns that they have.

Once the rules are created in Adtomic, it tells Adtomic what to do with Search terms converting for you. This allows you to filter out various keywords that may not be performing well. The two biggest parts of optimizing PPC are cutting waste and finding and amplifying good stuff. This is what Adtomic can do for you.

Finding the Right Keywords

If you are a new brand and haven’t got any campaigns, Adtomic has templates that will help you build out at a bare minimum. Once you formally launch your brand and the recommended campaigns are built, new rules will be ingrained and trained into the campaign sets you create in Adtomic. This will allow Adtomic to look for the search terms that are not doing well and give suggestions.

It will also help find stuff that works from a search term perspective. For instance, it will provide search terms you should probably target as keywords. Adtomic will also tell you the campaign in which to add that keyword. This data will be mentioned in the search term reports. You need to save those reports to build a custom pivot table using Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets.

You’re in Full Control

Some Amazon sellers prefer to work manually. Thankfully, Adtomic allows you to do things manually and enjoy full control. You may use your own rules and algorithms to help optimize. Depending on how long you have been working with Adtomic, all your activity, including the search term, can be stored for 24 months with Adtomic. You can go back anytime in the past 24 months and check the performance of your keywords. You may also compare these figures with current figures to study the variances.

How does Campaign Builder work?

The software amplifies the keywords with many impressions when you run Adtomic during the launch phase. This allows you to collect maximum data through maximum impressions during the first month. Once you have a large amount of data, the software will filter it out and move to the next phase, called scaling. This phase tells you the expected cost, thus helping you decide realistic cost goals.

Another feature that Adtomic provides is “liquidate.” It applies to the products you want to get rid of for any reason. For example, you are launching version 2.0 of some product and want to get rid of the first version. At this point, your main goal will be to focus on keywords making sales regardless of cost. You can also use the liquidate feature to study the keywords with the highest conversion rates.

Importance of Keyword Research

Good keyword research allows you to study what people are actually typing in. There are a lot of different ways to do keyword research. Sometimes, even if you think that your research keywords are perfect, they don’t work as much. This is where the Cerebro tool can help you. It helps you create campaigns based on your competitor’s keyword strategy.

Using Cerebro

The basis of using Cerebro is that you should have at least five to ten ASINs that you should consider your competitors. You have to ensure that they are offering the same product and that the brand is relevant to yours. This will allow Cerebro to determine how many keywords these companies share. Another method of keyword research is through a listing analyzer. The beauty of Adtomic is that it does that for you automatically. You can also manually look through your search terms and find converting things.

Campaigns and Budgets in Adtomic

Campaigns in Adtomic are similar to those present in Seller Central. The Adtomic campaigns include the sponsor brand campaign, sponsor display campaigns, keyword bid suggestions, new keywords, and negative keywords. Amazon has done a good job of highlighting budgets. They have a budgets tab next to the targets tab now. It gives you a review of how your budgets were doing over a certain amount of time. Here, you can also create budget rules according to the campaign.

You have to go into the campaign and create rules around performance or if it runs out, increase the budget. So there are ways of controlling the budget. When it comes to budgeting, margins are very important. The people with the best margins can do more PPC more effectively because they have the budget to test. So, if you don’t have really good margins, then that means you need to have money set aside to test, and there’s no hard and fast rule for how much you should set aside.

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Question 1.

What are some user testimonials or comments about Helium 10 Adtomic in the passage?

Users have shared their thoughts on Helium 10 Adtomic in Passage_1. One user mentioned that although the cost of Adtomic is high, it has transformed the way they manage their Amazon ads campaigns. They sell on multiple Amazon platforms and appreciate the level of automation, strategic insights, and detailed analytics that Adtomic provides. The user highlighted that these features help them understand their ad performance better and allocate their budget more effectively. They also emphasized the advantage of having 20 additional tools to support daily tasks, highlighting the background and expertise of Adtomic and Helium 10 compared to other tools. Another user expressed agreement that the cost of Adtomic should be included in higher-tier plans, indicating a desire for potential future changes in pricing structure.

Question 2.

Who are the authors of the content related to Helium 10 Adtomic in the passage?

As an independent eCommerce and Amazon consultant who has been in the industry since 2000. He is a guest author for Helium 10 and is also a partner and Seller Solutions Hub Partner. As a partner and Content and Marketing Manager at Jordiobdotcom SL. Her background is in Executive and Multimedia Production, and she has contributed as a guest author to platforms like Shopify, Oleoshop, and Semrush.

Question 3.

What are the key features of Helium 10 Adtomic?

Helium 10 Adtomic offers a range of essential features to enhance Amazon advertising campaigns. These key features include:

1. **Keyword Automation**: Adtomic automates keyword bidding, saving time and effort while boosting campaign performance.

2. **Campaign Monitoring**: Real-time campaign monitoring enables quick identification and resolution of any issues that may arise.

3. **Performance Data Analysis**: Adtomic provides detailed performance data on campaigns, helping users recognize trends and opportunities to enhance advertising ROI.

4. **Ad Group Management**: Easy management of ad groups and keywords aids in optimizing campaigns for improved performance.

5. **PPC Data Analysis**: Analysis of PPC data allows users to pinpoint high-performing keywords, ad groups, and campaigns for strategic advertising optimization.

6. **ACoS + TACoS Metrics**: The tool presents ACoS + TACoS metrics, offering insights into how the PPC budget affects Amazon SEO rankings.


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