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03:12 Mina, Why Amazon?
06:55 Motivation from his father
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Amazon Business is not just an online selling platform. Rather, it is a complete online business solution that has the potential to change not only your life but the lives of everyone around you. When you’re in a community of Amazon Sellers, it is common to hear inspirational stories about how people reinvented themselves. One such story belongs to Mina Elias, a Middle-Eastern immigrant in the United States.

He got his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, and master’s in industrial engineering. He planned to be the best engineer in the world and graduated top of his class. During his professional life, he realized he didn’t like being controlled. This, interestingly, is one of the traits of entrepreneurs. Being a stubborn and consistent person, he decided to pursue his business full-time.

It’s Both Complicated and Easy

Being an engineer, Mina spent a lot of time figuring out or “hacking” into how to make the most out of it. As per him, most Amazon Sellers try too hard to find logic in Amazon’s work. However, there is simply no logic at all. Amazon is like a game with its own rules. You just have to keep playing within those rules and accept the fact that you’ll not start earning instantly. Instead, you have to keep trying again and again until things start working in your favor. You should always be ready to see a lot of failures in your quest for success. This is Amazon in a nutshell!

Your Escape from the 9 to 5 Lifestyle

Like millions of other students around the world, Mina was brainwashed into thinking that being an engineer or a doctor is the only way to your success. However, he was proved wrong after working in the corporate sector. One of his first jobs was in Medtronic, one of the world’s largest surgical device companies. He changed many jobs after he got better salary offers. Although he was doing good financially, he was not content with life because of the monotony. To make things worse, he was always under a corporation’s control since he was employed and was never truly in charge. Also, hard work wasn’t encouraged in engineering jobs since there were no goals or sales targets to be accomplished. His financial gains were limited to his salary. According to him, this lifestyle was like “being in jail.” He couldn’t leave the job because he had student loans to be repaid. There was no alternate source of income.

Adopting the Amazon Life

Being an MMA trainer, Mina was always a huge supplements fanatic. Mina’s Amazon journey started when he was at a cafe with his parents and was scrolling through the supplements on Amazon. That’s when his father suggested making his own formula. After getting inspiration from here and there, he teamed up with friends to make labels for the products, make banners, pack them, and sell them at an MMA event. After the success of his product at the event, people started anticipating his product to be on Amazon soon.

Initially, it made no sense to Mina. Why would someone sell a product in the same place where they buy the products? That’s when he contacted Amazon Sellers support and followed their instructions. After almost five attempts, his product was finally live on Amazon. On his seventh day on Amazon, he sold almost 10 units after running some random auto-campaign. To boost his business, he spent 100 dollars on a PPC campaign. Interestingly, he made 100 dollars in revenue. Seeing random people buy his product was a moment of realization for Mina.

Obsession Is The Key To Success

According to Mina, “Obsession is the key to success!”. Once he decided to join the world of Amazon Business, he spent day and night trying to learn new things. He consumed every piece of Amazon-related content he could find online. To broaden his understanding, he joined every Amazon-related social media group. As per him, he was reading articles about Amazon even when he was in the bathroom. By constantly taking notes and writing conclusions, he applied the scientific approach to all these learnings. Eventually, things started making correlations. For Mina, April 30th, 2019, was officially the first day of being a full-time entrepreneur. By this time, he was already making four thousand dollars monthly through Amazon Business.

Business That Works For You

When you put in enough hard work and obsession, the business starts working for you at one point. As per Mina, very little work is involved when setting up a successful Amazon business. All you need to do is adjust your campaigns, optimize your listings, and focus on PPC optimization.

Entrepreneurship Is Real!

Mina never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, he actually had the opposite of an entrepreneurial mindset. He didn’t even consider entrepreneurship a real thing. As for him, getting a corporate job was the only real way of making money. To him, the ultimate success was climbing the corporate ladder to become a company’s manager and CEO.

His opinions changed completely when he launched his own business on Amazon. He was amazed by the freedom and growth opportunities that were offered to him. He could set his own goals, work according to his own terms, and there was no one to give him orders. To succeed in a business, you need to be passionate about the products you sell. In Mina’s case, he was passionate about MMA and nutritional supplements.

Running a PPC Agency

According to Mina, there is a major difference between running a brand and running an agency. When you’re running an agency, you’re always meeting new people, going to dinners, and partying. The number of requests that Mina got from people to manage their PPC was insane. To him, it was like a “holy code from God.”

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