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02:04 Tell us about yourself
04:06 If I sell for $10,000 can I sell at Walmart
06:29 The most difficult moments in Wlamart
08:48 What is the first step
09:44 Working with Helium10
12:29 Reviews at Walmart
15:07 Listing score
16:38 What is the difference between Amazon and Walmart headlines?
21:23 How would you compare Amazon sales to Walmart sales?
22:38 Walmart imagest
24:46 What niche should you choose?
25:40 Summing up
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Carrie Miller has been an e-commerce seller since 2016 and a Helium 10 user since 2017. She started selling on and then quickly expanded to Shopify and now She currently serves as Helium10’s brand evangelist for the platform’s tools.

Even though Amazon is the dominant player in ecommerce, no business strategy that makes sense can ignore growth opportunities that help expand your business while reducing risk: incorporating other sales platforms is one of those solutions.

In this episode of Amazon Made Simple, Carrie chats with Izabella about what sellers need to get their products on Walmart, how Helium10 helps Walmart sellers find what to sell, and the shear size of the opportunity.

How big is this Walmart Wave?

 Much like our Ritz Momentum strategy of finding products with high demand, and low competition, selling on Walmart applies those concepts to the entire site: this is a high traffic, low competition marketplace.

Amazon has 9.7 MILLION sellers, and Walmart only has ~100k. For established Amazon (and other ecommerce sites) sellers, now is the time to expand to this massive marketplace and get more customers. This is like getting in on Amazon in 2015. In the right niche, and with the right listing, you make it on page 1 without using PPC. A lot of the Walmart sellers are asleep at the wheel: they bulk upload their listings and just leave them unattended with bad pictures and titles…it’s so PERFECT for YOU.

The time to get on Walmart is NOW.

We are super stoked to see the magic that our clients will do when they take the high-demand, low-competition products we designed for them and expand into Walmart.


I’m selling around $10k/mo, but I don’t have a brand yet. Will Walmart approve me?

Walmart is looking for “established sellers” on another platform, whether that be Amazon, Shopify, or other ecommerce sites, and sellers apply based on category.

Carrie has seen sellers below that revenue threshold get accepted, and sellers above that number get rejected. The main difference: a unique product offering. If you have a product unique to the niche on Walmart, you can get around the revenue gap.


Once approved, how do I get started?

Before you can use any Walmart seller features, you have to create your listing.

You cannot do anything inless you create your listing FIRST.

Next, you need to specifically apply for:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
    • These are much less competitive than on Amazon. Depending on the niche, a $15.00 click on Amazon may only cost you $1 on Walmart.
  • Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)
    • This is essentially the same as Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).
    • Once you are signed up for WFS, the algorithm also gives you a bump.

You can always go back and optimize your listing, but you want to start the clock on your features application right away, so don’t delay creating the listing.

Differences between Amazon and Walmart Listing Building

  • Listing Title Construction
    • Walmart does not want you to stuff the title as much as on Amazon. They actually tell you exactly the type of information they want you to include, and have guidelines for each category.
    • They typically have a 60 character limit. By keeping yours closer to that limit, you can maximize how much information the buyer sees directly next to the button that allows them to “add to cart”.
  • Back-End SEO v. Attributes
    • Walmart does not have a related back-end search terms section like an Amazon listing; everything lives in the listing’s front-end.
    • Walmart does not necessarily focus on search terms and keywords, but they emphasize “attributes” such as colors, shapes, etc.
      • The “growth opportunities” button on the listing gives you suggestion for multiple attributes you can add.
You cannot do anything inless you create your listing FIRST.

Review Syndication

    • 🔥BIG DEAL ALERT🔥**: Walmart allows you to display your reviews from your other ecommerce site.**
      • You can upload to Walmart a spreadsheet that has all of your Shopify reviews.
      • To make it even sweeter, Walmart even says that the reviews are from your site, so your external store gets essentially free exposure.
    • 🚨WARNING🚨: This is not a green light to engage in review manipulation.
      • We’re not sure exactly how Walmart goes about checking review authenticity, but it’s not worth getting your account suspended. Getting your Walmart account unblocked is even more difficult than with Amazon (and that’s saying something).
      • Use only verified reviews. If you do things right, and you have a good product, you have nothing to worry about. It’s also much easier to sell on Walmart without having any reviews at all.


How does Helium10 help me sell on Walmart?

The same Chrome plug-in that works on Amazon works with Walmart. Using X-ray lets you check the average price for the niche you a researching, as well as the comparable average price on Amazon.

You can also see the amount of sponsored listings. When you couple that with the Helium10 estimate for the listing score that Walmart’s back-end calculates, you can quickly assess where the competition is vulnerable either because their listing is bad, or they are not advertising at all. While you cannot run Walmart PPC on Helium10 just yet, that’s a feature they are looking to add in the future.

If you want to learn more about selling on Walmart, you can follow Helium10’s 2,000 member Facebook group, Winning with Walmart, where Carrie goes live every week to share the latest tips and tricks, and everyone there is very engaged.

If you are not yet a Helium10 subscriber, here at Ritz Momentum we have NEVER met a seller (nor as sellers ourselves) using Helium10 that did not grow their business on Amazon. If you use all the tools they provide you, and you are learning in the industry, you can’t go wrong.

You can get a lifetime discount by using BELLA10 when you sign up here.


Happy Amazoning! We’ll see you out there!

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