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5 New Amazon Seller Strategies To Explode Your Business in 2023 – Podcast With Shawn Hart

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00:00 Intro
00:23 In this episode
01:01 This is Amazon Made Simple
01:24 In this book
02:20 Shawn history  
04:07 About «Mafia offer»
06:46 Seth and Shawn meeting
08:15 I generated $250.000 from my garage
09:27 Did you have this product physically
11:08 Brand factory
12:12 Bamboo pillow story
14:09 Why customer list it is important
15:45 How many of the 350 products have become successful?
17:09 «Customer Journey»
19:20 «Value Stack»
20:17 Free bonus offer from Dominos’s Pizza
22:36 Best way to duplicate your product
24:56 Essence of correct duplication
26:31 You need just change UPC code
27:22 Diferent listings but its all ours
30:38 What Post Purchase Pro do?
31:45 Your guys «Missing the boat»
32:53 Present like Seth
35:00 How to get started with Pust Purchase Pro?
36:45 How much should I earn to work with you?
38:02 How they can find you?
39:03 Two coolest guys Shawn and Seth
41:55 Outro

Within a very short time frame, Shawn and Seth share how they grew their business from zero sales to 27 million dollars. The journey was definitely not an easy one. Not all entrepreneurs can wait for profits over the long term. You need to do everything fast if you have a family that you support. So in the book “Private Label Millionaire Secrets,” Sean compiled all the lessons he had learned from building that business in 2008 and exiting. He took the same concepts he learned in that business and applied them to his online Amazon Business.

The Mafia Offer

The mafia offer is all about the mindset of how we can limit our risk as an entrepreneur. It is an offer that’s almost impossible for a consumer to say no to. It is an offer that the customers would feel stupid not to accept. A few steps are involved in creating a mafia offer for your product. The number one step is product selection. We need to look for a product without an offer.

That offer has to be for a physical product. Therefore, you can’t consider applying this technique to a new product. Instead of creating a market or demand for a product that doesn’t exist yet, you need to tap into the products with existing demand. The company focuses on giving people what they already want to buy in this offer.

Amazon Tripwire Strategy

This is also one of the wildly successful strategies for your Amazon Business. Instead of launching your main product directly into the competitive market, you sell a related product at a much lower cost to gather the customer’s attention. For instance, the book mentions the story of how they sold bamboo pillows. Instead of going into that highly competitive market and launching a bamboo pillow, an expensive product, they found the sleep mask, a cheap Chinese air freight product they could sell at a breakthrough price.

By offering a lower price, they completely dominated that entire market in a very short time. They were able to produce 250,000 orders of sleep masks. Interestingly, 20% of customers who bought the masks opted to receive more information from them. That is around 50,000 people. The bamboo pillow was then launched, and they collected about $1.8 million in profits over two years. They later sold that business for three million three hundred sixty thousand dollars. That’s how they guarantee success every time. To their surprise, Amazon rewarded them with a higher keyword ranking, which positioned their brand in the marketplace to start making more sales.

Feed the Stallions!

Seth and Shawn agreed to the fact that not all products were successful. Therefore, a lesson for you is that you should test the market with very small quantities. The next step is what they refer to as “feeding the stallions.” It means that you should invest in the businesses that are running great and “starve out” the ones who are not doing well. When they finished launching 350 products, they could build only 53 successful brands. The real magic is being able to leverage that customer list to build out a brand while there are a lot of sellers out there.

Work on the Customer Journey

Another awesome strategy that Seth and Shawn focussed on is working on the customer journey. They ended up making more than 1000 private label products. The main idea is to offer people more products under the same category. By following this strategy, making your brand line is much easier because all you have to do is think about what else your customers need who are interested in sleeping better.

According to the book, if the market doesn’t already exist, you have no business launching a product. As a business, you need to identify the starving crowd. The starving crowd refers to the people who already want the product. This makes your product selection so much easier.

Amazon Listing Value Stack

In an Amazon environment that’s highly competitive and has so many choices, you can create an offer that’s so ridiculous and high value that any Amazon buyer out there would be insane to move on and buy the next product down the line. You do that by creating value. For instance, if you want to sell a pizza stone, you launch a pizza cutter at a very low price. Once it gathers enough attention, you add more value to it. For instance,  you also get a free pizza as a bonus for buying your pizza cutter. Another example is iPods with preloaded songs.

Another strategy is to duplicate the product using creative cloning. You can list your products as more specific problems. For instance, you can sell Paracetamol as “Paracetamol for Migraine.” It’s worth more because it converts higher, and you’re more likely to click on that particular item as it speaks to your specific ailment. So with this creative cloning approach, you can reposition some of our existing inventory and use some of the same stock you already have.

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Now that you know these awesome selling strategies, you’re all set to sell like a PRO!

Happy Amazoning!