We turbo charge your Amazon sales from a struggling 5 to a whopping 7 figures in 14 months
Ritz Momentum develops uniquely customized products that become your brand, and then finds empty markets with high demand for you to exploit.
Not all sellers can even reach 7-figure sales. We’ll do a sweep of your account to make sure it’s rock-solid and can handle this type of sales velocity.
We have the wheel, and you’re along for the ride. We handle the managerial decisions so you can get back to…you know…life.
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Our Focus
Product Research

Beginning with the end in mind. We look for a product already envisioning how you’re going to sell it

Product Idea

A product idea is created based on demand & an empty market

Product Customization

Our copywriting & design team work together to ensure your product is bound to rocket sales


Sales with zero reviews


legal approach


Up to 5% TACoS

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We create, cultivate and thrive ambitious Amazon projects and e-commerce business

Our proven approach generated phenomenal results for hundred’s + businesses. We use our Date-To-Custom Approach only.

Our products

have high demand and low or NO competition

We are confident

that your future product will be loved by your consumers, whom would be able to turn into repeating buyers

Sales & low ACoS obsessed

Our focus is based on low competition and high amount of sales

Trusted by numerous businesses in the world of e-commerce
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Simple Production

Our team designs products in ways that don’t require a special mold or hard modification

We utilize valid data based not only on Amazon software, but FaceBook & Google as well

We make the final decisions based on complex analytics, potential sales, your budget and earning goals

We focus on fast Success and giving results you’ve never seen before

Your growth - our business development!

Crowd-Favorite Products

Improve your conversion rate by selling products that customers are ready to buy and love to receive

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Our Business Operation
That Makes You Richer
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Your Project will be taken care of
by Amazon 7 Figure Sellers

Our 6+ years of experience enable us to understand your future sales and ACoS (PPC Campaign Costs) from the moment product research begins

Meet Our Product Research TEAM

Experienced Amazon Sellers who know the market not only with a successful, but a failure side too. They are ready to hold you back from hidden mistakes

Meet our Copywriters TEAM

They understand American culture & products such that customers are eager to buy and share with others

Our Designers TEAM

Fully aware about current trends, aesthetics, and market requirements of your target audience

Our Project Manager’s TEAM

Happy to assist you during your product creation at any stage of the process. Ready to take you on board right after your product is delivered to Amazon to help you grow and scale

Our SEO Content Creators TEAM

Prepared to work with your keywords and organize a listing for which you’re able to rank and receive great indexing on Amazon

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Our clients loved the projects. So will you
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Of course you can. If you have experience with e-commerce & e-commerce marketing, you understand how to recognize your target audience and are aware of how to use proper software. With this knowledge, your chance to succeed with the right product is pretty high.

All of our team members - apart from designers - are Amazon Sellers. We understand Amazon sales, e-commerce requirements, approaches, and are cognizant of mistakes that cost a lot of money, which we all experienced in the past.

We cannot. It's a business, which is always risky. 100% of successful entrepreneurs had an abundance of failure and lack of growth, only after which came success. We can guarantee that we are doing our best to make your business successful, because only this approach allows us to grow fast.

We are creating a new, greatly-customized Amazon product for you to make money from! If your goal is to sell your business in the long run, our team will help you scale and substantially grow your Amazon business for a successful sale.

We got you! Most of our customers don’t have any experience at all. Our team will do our best to provide you with all the information you need throughout the launching process. Moreover, we await your Amazon PPC campaign running which will consequently, help you scale your business.

You don’t have to. Our goal is to find the product that will make you money. Walmart or Target owners don’t thoroughly think about each product on the shelf - they have a philosophy of money making. So do we.

We can recommend an experienced sourcing agent that will help you find all products. For another option, we’re more than happy to do it for you for an extra fee.

Besides our services - you have to keep in mind a minimum of $15 000

Selling on Amazon is very technical, and it’s easy to fail. We do our best to prevent your mistakes and reduce the chance to fail because we need your Success Story

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