Welcome AMZ Insiders!

We Build High-Profit Amazon Products
That Beat Your Competition.

1.Find a Keyword Opportunity

We find a keyword opportunity with high-demand and low-competition that meets your investment budget.


Data Driven Approach

2.Product Idea

Base the ideas on both market demand and what current products are missing


Amazon ToS Compliant

3.Validate Your Product Design

We test your design against the top competitor using polling software, and use the feedback to make design changes until your product wins

30-45 Days

From Onboarding to Project Complete

The Ritz Momentum Difference

Our proven Data-To-Custom approach has created phenomenal results for our clients.

Opportunity First

We don't build a product and then try to sell it. We find demand first.

We Build What Customers Want

We validate your design by asking your avatar what they want, and changing it until they love it.

Reduce Your Risk

By testing before ordering inventory, we avoid the 90% failure rate of most consumer products

Trusted by e-commerce businesses and their clients
Get Funding

Protect your business and increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by using our Funding Partners

Protect Your Business. Invest with a Margin of Safety

Starting a business comes with uncertainty. Use our funding partners for our services, and save your investment cash for growth and dealing with the unexpected.

Increase Your ROI

Like buying real estate, use funding to give your business investment a leg-up.

Start with funding installments as low as $375/mo.

Fast 48 hour approval. No upfront investment.

Your Development Roadmap with Us

Funding & Onboarding

Find Your Keyword Opportunity

Create and Validate Product Design

Find In-Budget Sourcing

Create Listing and Enhanced Brand Content

Receive Your Files and Suppliers

You're Ready for Inventory and Launch

Your Team of Experts, Led by 7-figure Amazon Sellers
Our 7+ years of experience with products success and failures helps us guide the development process from start to finish.
Product Research Team

Experienced Amazon sellers who know the market inside out. They combine analytics software expertise with personal successes and failures to build risk-reduced products. They are ready to stop you from making hidden mistakes.

Copywriting Team

They understand American culture and products such that customers are eager to buy and share with others.

Design Team

Experts in modern design platforms. They stay on the edge of current trends, aesthetics, and market requirements for your target audience.

Experienced Project Managers

Amazon experts ready to guide you every step of the selling journey. They will make sure your project stays on-schedule and on-budget.

SEO Content Creators

The team creates your back-end to make sure your keywords and listing work together to rank and index your product on Amazon.

Our Clients Loved Their Products.
You Will Too....and So Will Your Customers

Of course you can, and the content we produce teaches how to use our methods. If you understand how to analyze an audience, build a customer avatar, do e-commerce marketing research, use analytics software, run unbiased statistical polls, negotiate with suppliers, and Amazon compliance measures, then we'd love to hire you!

What we offer you is the product quality and development speed that comes from putting our tested process together with our 7+ years of experience.

STEP 1: Check Your Qualifications

Conditions to be pre-approved are:

✔️ Score as low as 620
✔️ Yearly taxable income as low as $35,000
✔️ US Resident STEP

STEP 2: Schedule Your Call

Chat with our team about your business goals, and they will:

- Cover what you get from our 30-45 day product development process
- Walk you through the 5-min funding application

STEP 3: Get Your Funding

- Get our services for funding installments as low as $300-$500/mo (depends on credit score)
- Get fully funded in 3-5 business days
- Soft-pull on credit when you apply. See the terms FIRST.
- 1st payment not for 30 days
- No pre-payment penalty

Your project manager will walk you through every step in the development journey. You can short-cut your experience gap by using ours.

While you can certainly limit our development at the start by excluding certain categories (i.e. not alcohol related, etc.), our approach works precisely because it's not based on our personal opinion - it's based on your target consumer's opinion. So it doesn't matter if we like it, or you like it, so long as your customer likes it - and we know they do...because we checked.

Yes. Some of our clients already have established supply chains and prefer to use their existing relationships. If you would like supplier negotiation on your behalf, it can be included in your contract's scope of work.


First, I want to thank Bella and her team for doing a great job. They know exactly what they're doing. They are the best in the Amazon business. I was in one of their projects. The work was done from A to Z. Every dollar is worth it. Don't waste your time and money, let the Ritz Momentum team do it for you without mistakes. Highly recommend!!!

Tatiana Gilyandikova

Highly recomended, excellent working with the products and strategies, very responisble. Thet help me a lot.

Ramon David Melendez Juarez

Thank you to the Ritz Momentum team. Thank you, Izabella, for meeting me face to face and for guiding me to my first product research, and I feel this is the beginning of a long work relationship. No doubt in my mind, this was a GREAT investment!

Luis Perlish

I want to express my sincere appreciation to Izabella and her the best team. They are incredibly knowledgeable about business on Amazon. We had several questions about how to best find and launch the product and they happily walked us through the process. And they saved us from losing $20.000+ at least. Our company had an excellent experience with them. Magnificent attention to detail, highly recommend! Thank you


Izabella and her team are amazing! She gave me some great insights on a niche that I considered in the past but did not pull the trigger on because of the leak of information. Her team came up with great designs for differentiation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Daniel Bolojan

Great to work with, Izabella, helped us with a project and we really appreciated there help


I am in process of opening a store on Amazon and in order to save time and money I decided to do it with group of professionals from Ritz momentum. The fact is that they do not promise you anything just to get you as a client, instead they tell you the real picture based on opportunities that you have. Our communication is clear, they work fast (no bla bla) and what I like the most is that you always can talk if you have any issues, and they try to help you.

Akbota Kazbayeva

This agency has done so much for my Amazon business launch. They helped with selecting my first products and creating custom formulas. All recommendations were based on thorough research and analytics. The listing design and copywriting were also of premium quality. We continue our partnership and I look forward to growing my business with them. Reccomend for Amazon sellers!


I purchased Product Research from Ritz Momentum I would shocked on how great the results were. I went from a struggle to a hustle in no time! I can not thank Izabella and her team enough they took great care of me the knowledge and experience was amazing

Zachary Conner

I was provided the highest level of customer service I have ever experienced. The team is really knowledgeable and goes the extra mile at every stage. They are amazingly creative with product search and listing design. Highly recommended to work with RM!

Sandra Moore

Izabella is a Gem! She is passionate, realistic and has fantastic ideas! I was ready to give up my Amazon store but my friend recommended her and thank God I followed my gut! I went from “no hope” to “6 figure sales are around the corner”! x10 in sales!


I received a product idea that was worth much more than I paid for it. They have a unique approach to product research, the data and analytics are at a very high level. Thank you! I definitely recommend this Agency!

Sergii Sukhorukov

I’m very happy that I contacted this agency. They created for me excellent seo optimized listing and I’m pretty sure that it will sell effectively. Very good communication and fast service. Would recommend them to all my Amazon friendly fruends!

Anton Yermachonak

Thank you to Ritz Momentum’s Team for product research considering our budget. We are impressed with the custom approach that will help us sell better. We appreciate the customer service and ideas that we have never met before. Looking forward to succes

Julia Maltsev
Let’s work together
to build the amazing
Amazon business
you envision!

How can I access free tools for Amazon product research and listing optimization?

To access free tools for Amazon product research and listing optimization, you can take advantage of various resources available online. Some of the tools and resources include a Fees Calculator specifically for Amazon FBA, Stock Stats for monitoring your inventory, a Sales Estimator to gauge potential sales, Trends & Product Ideas to stay updated on market trends, Monthly Reports for detailed insights, Weekly Hot Products for trending items, Individual Product Research for in-depth analysis, Free Bonuses that come with certain tools or services, opportunities for learning through Step-by-Step Courses, MasterClasses, University programs, and educational content on a Blog. By utilizing these free tools and resources, you can enhance your Amazon product research and optimize your listings effectively without added costs.

What bonuses are offered with the Insiders Pro Academy Membership?

The Insiders Pro Academy Membership comes with several valuable bonuses to enhance your overall experience and success. These bonuses include a “Winning Product Selection” training module that teaches you how to identify high-profit products for your Amazon business. Additionally, you will receive a “Product Sourcing Secrets” training session which reveals money-saving strategies worth $5,000 once implemented. Another bonus is the “Launching & Ranking Secrets” training that provides insights into a proven strategy for achieving page 1 rankings and outperforming competitors. Lastly, the membership offers an “Amazon Review Secrets” training module that shows you how to organically grow reviews in a safe and compliant manner.

What is included in the AMZ Insiders Course and how much does it cost?

The AMZ Insiders Course offers a comprehensive package of tools, training, and bonuses designed to help individuals succeed in selling products on Amazon. For a one-time cost of $799.99, participants gain access to a variety of resources, including product research tools such as a product database, PRO extension, and keyword tools, as well as listing tools like Keyword Tracker and a Listing Builder. The course also provides free tools like an FBA fees calculator and stock stats, along with valuable insights through trends reports, hot products updates, and individual product research. Participants can also take advantage of learning opportunities like step-by-step courses, MasterClasses, and access to a university and blog for further education.

Moreover, the AMZ Insiders Course offers partnership opportunities, with options to collaborate with company partners, join the affiliate program, and read testimonials from satisfied users. Detailed information about the company, including its background and commitment to user safety, is provided, along with policies such as privacy, vulnerabilities disclosure, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Contact information for support is readily available, and the course is operated by AMZScout Corp. and Growthco DMCC. It is important to note that the content of the course is protected under copyright law, with all rights reserved from 2016 to 2024. Additionally, the course website uses cookies to enhance user experience.

Who is Jamie Davidson and what is his background in relation to Amazon and entrepreneurship?

Jamie Davidson is a successful Amazon coach and co-founder of AMZ Insiders, a company that achieves an impressive annual revenue of $100,000,000 through FBA Private Label sales. Prior to establishing AMZ Insiders, Jamie’s diverse background includes being a West Point graduate, a former Army Officer, and the CEO of a private equity-backed company until 2013. Currently, Jamie is focused on leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in reaching 6 to 7-figure success on Amazon through his specialized AMZ Insiders Course.

How can I automate reviews without violating Amazon policies?

Certainly! You can streamline the process of managing reviews by utilizing automated tools and strategies that adhere to Amazon’s policies. By integrating software that helps you request reviews from customers, track feedback, and manage review campaigns effectively, you can automate this process without risking any violations of Amazon’s review policies. These tools ensure that your review requests are sent appropriately and timely, in compliance with Amazon’s guidelines, ultimately helping you maintain a steady stream of authentic and compliant reviews for your products.

What tactics can I learn to increase sales, outperform competitors, and rank higher on Amazon?

To increase sales, outperform competitors, and rank higher on Amazon, it is crucial to understand and implement effective ranking and launching tactics. By learning how to optimize your products to appear prominently in search results, drive more traffic to your listings, and leverage marketing strategies to enhance visibility and conversion rates, you can significantly boost your sales performance. Constantly analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies allows you to adjust your approach and stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, focusing on customer satisfaction, obtaining and utilizing customer feedback, and providing excellent customer service are key aspects that contribute to elevating your sales performance on Amazon.

How can I learn to start and scale a business on Amazon without investing a lot of money or time?

To effectively launch and expand your business on Amazon without requiring substantial investments of money and time, it is essential to adopt a strategic approach. Rather than attempting to figure out the nuances of selling on Amazon independently, it is highly beneficial to learn from established successful sellers who have generated significant revenue. By leveraging insights and strategies from experienced 8-figure sellers, you can gain valuable knowledge on initiating your Amazon business and effectively scaling it while optimizing resources and time commitments. This approach can help you navigate the complexities of the platform, minimize costly mistakes, and focus your efforts on activities that yield the highest returns, ultimately leading to a more efficient and profitable Amazon business venture.

How can I contact AMZScout for support or inquiries about their services and products?

To contact AMZScout for support or inquiries about their services and products, you can email them at support@amzscout.net. Additionally, you can visit their office located at 1735 Market Street, Suite 3750, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103. For inquiries specifically in Dubai, you have the option to contact Growthco DMCC at Unit No: BA402, DMCC Business Centre, Level No 1, Jewellery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, UAE.

How can I partner with AMZScout or participate in their affiliate program?

To partner with AMZScout or participate in their affiliate program, you can visit their official website and look for information on their partnership or affiliate programs. They may have dedicated sections or pages outlining the process for collaboration, the benefits of partnering with them, and how to sign up for their affiliate program. Additionally, you can reach out to their support team for more detailed guidance on how to get started and maximize your partnership opportunities with AMZScout.

What learning opportunities are available through AMZScout?

AMZScout provides a variety of learning opportunities to help users enhance their knowledge and skills. The platform offers step-by-step courses, MasterClasses, access to universities, and a regularly updated blog with valuable insights and information. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced seller aiming to further expand your expertise, AMZScout offers diverse avenues for continuous learning and growth in the e-commerce field.

How can I save money through sourcing tricks in selling on Amazon?How can I save money through sourcing tricks in selling on Amazon?

Discover sourcing tricks that will save you $5,000 the moment you implement them.

“Protect Your Business. Invest with a Margin of Safety. To enhance your profitability in selling on Amazon, consider implementing sourcing tricks that can result in significant cost savings. By utilizing these strategies, you can safeguard your business and allocate your investment cash towards growth and unforeseen circumstances. Just like investing in real estate, utilizing funding options can provide your business with a financial advantage. Start with accessible funding installments as low as $375 per month to optimize your savings potential and bolster your Amazon selling endeavors.”

What strategies can I use to select high-demand and low competition products to reduce inventory costs?

What strategies can I use to select high-demand and low competition products to reduce inventory costs?

Select high-demand and low competition products to reduce inventory cost.

“I received a product idea that was worth much more than I paid for it. They have a unique approach to product research, the data and analytics are at a very high level. Thank you! In addition to this valuable insight, consider selecting products that are in high demand and face low competition to optimize your inventory costs.

This strategy can help you identify lucrative opportunities while minimizing competitive pressures and maximizing profitability. I definitely recommend this Agency!” – Sergii Sukhorukov