What is Ritz Momentum?
“A lot of people think Amazon is rigged -
that finding winning products is impossible.
I LOVE proving them wrong.”
- Izabella Ritz, CEO of Ritz Momentum
  • Our agency began in 2019 when our CEO, Izabella Ritz, began providing services for the students whom she was teaching how to sell on Amazon.
  • She saw that they kept getting stuck on the hardest and most important part: finding the right product. She wanted to help them beat that analysis paralysis, and bring their Amazon business vision to life, just as she had in 2015.
  • Since 2019, our agency focuses on finding winning product opportunities on Amazon on behalf of our clients, and boosting sales through expert listing optimization.
  • Izabella emigrated from Russia in 2015 with her three children. A serial entrepreneur since the age of 17, she has created and sold multiple businesses where she developed business leadership, e-commerce, and digital marketing expertise to grow virtually any business.
  • Today, she loves leading a company focused on the future of AI and e-commerce. She also loves spending time with her now four children and her three dogs.
Let’s work together
to build the amazing
Amazon business
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